Glossop Catholics

People aged 70 and over can now volunteer as stewards

I have just had confirmation (writes Fr Martin) that “healthy parishioners over the age of 70, provided they are confident in keeping themselves safe and that their church can provide them with appropriate safety equipment can now serve as stewards or in any other capacity. It must be their decision to offer their help, they must be fully aware of the risks involved, and take the necessary precautions.”

The role of steward remains open to adult volunteers under 70 as well.

If you think you might like to help by volunteering as a steward, please study the role description and declaration. If you’re happy with what you read, and you decide to volunteer for St Mary Crowned, please email or phone 01457 862128; for All Saints, please email or phone 01457 866113.

This news arrived too late to appear in this week’s newsletter.