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Keep up the good work!

A very positive audit of Covid Secure arrangements at St Mary Crowned

Here’s something I was very pleased to receive in my inbox.

48 people, including priest, sacristan and stewards attended. There were two family pews of 4, two cases of “couples” in one space, a choir of 6 in the side aisles. All attendance was in line with guidelines on spacing.


Excellent Compliance by parishioners. All parishioners were excellent in compliance with the COVID-19 Secure requirements, respecting distancing, mask wearing, hand hygiene and leaving without discussion or delay at the end. They were very respectful to the stewards. Additionally, it was beautiful to see people in discussions outside church after mass, obviously respecting distancing. The good weather helped I am sure.


I would like the parishioners’ good behaviour, and the stewards’ appreciation of it, to be noted, perhaps in the newsletter and, perhaps, in Father Martin’s address at the start or end of Mass. The current newsletter includes the guidance for Mass and I think it would be appropriate to add some thanks to those who come and comply and make the stewards’ lives easy.


Observations on Holy Mass at St Mary Crowned on 18th October (S Hind)

I can only gratefully endorse what that keen-eyed observer noted! Thanks to everyone for their cheerful compliance with the measures that are in place to protect people’s health. And renewed thanks to our stewards, and to all the people who worked so hard to prepare the church for its Covid Secure certification.

God bless you all.

Fr Martin