Glossop Catholics

Holy Mass for Christmas

Although the Holyday Obligation remains suspended by our bishops during the present pandemic, many, many people will want to take part in a Christmas Mass.

With the limitations of numbers permitted in church, rightly, to keep people safe, it’s good to remember that The Nativity of the Lord (like the Resurrection of the Lord), is a celebration that begins on a particular day, then continues first in an “Octave” and then a whole Season of celebration. And most people know the Twelve Days of Christmas, if only from the carol!

God willing, Holy Mass will be celebrated with a congregation on Christmas Eve and on every single one of the Twelve Days of Christmas. So this year, when you’re planning your own celebrations, don’t be worried about being able to take part on Christmas Eve or the First Day of Christmas. When booking opens for Holy Mass during the Christmas season, if your first choice of Mass day is already booked up, you’ve others to choose from, every single one of which is a Christmas Mass.

Please help your friends and family members who make a special effort to attend Holy Mass at Christmas by passing this information to them, so they don’t get disheartened if they can’t find a place at the Mass they would normally attend. Make sure they know they’ve got twelve days to pick from!

St Mary Crowned Church is closed for repairs, so Holy Mass is being celebrated at St Mary’s Hall as well as at All Saints Church.

Thursday, 24 Dec 20201800St Mary’s Hall (booking required)
Friday, 25 Dec 20201000All Saints (booking required)
Friday, 25 Dec 20201000St Mary’s Hall (booking required)
Saturday, 26 Dec 20201800All Saints (booking required)
Sunday, 27 Dec 20201030St Mary’s Hall (booking required)
Monday, 28 Dec 20201000All Saints (booking required)
Tuesday, 29 Dec 20201000St Mary’s Hall (booking required)
Wednesday, 30 Dec 20201000All Saints (booking required)
Thursday, 31 Dec 20201000St Mary’s Hall (booking required)
Friday, 1 Jan 20211000All Saints (booking required)
Saturday, 2 Jan 20211800All Saints (booking required)
Sunday, 3 Jan 20211030St Mary’s Hall (booking required)
Monday, 4 Jan 20211000All Saints (booking required)
Tuesday, 5 Jan 20211000All Saints (booking required)
Wednesday, 6 Jan 20211000All Saints (booking required)
Timetable for the Twelve Days of Christmas

You may also wish to remind your friends and family members that they must book a place, there are no toilet facilities, and the church or hall will be cold (because we need maximum ventilation to keep people safe). And of course, nobody who has any of the Covid symptoms should attend. You can find other information here that you ought to read before booking a place for Holy Mass — including how to book.