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Confirmation preparation

The sacrament of Confirmation helps a person to remain faithful to their baptismal commitment to witness to Christ and to serve others. The gifts of the Holy Spirit associated with Confirmation are strengths that Christian living requires if it is to be fruitful and complete. Thus wisdom, understanding, knowledge, counsel, fortitude, piety, and fear of the Lord, are divine aids to Christian living without which fulfilling one’s baptismal calling would be far more difficult.

Preparation for the sacrament of Confirmation in the Glossop churches is led by an experienced team of catechists and takes place every two years.

Young people from the age of 12 years are invited to join the programme, which takes place during Lent and Eastertide in preparation for Confirmation by the Bishop in June.

You can download the Confirmation Enquiry Form to apply.

Parents/Carers are encouraged to attend some of the sessions and to support their children in their preparation. 

Details of all the preparation sessions are published in the parish newsletter when a course is about to begin.

Adults wishing to be confirmed are also offered a programme suited to their personal experience and needs.

If you would like to help with this activity, please contact:

This is a role for which volunteers must complete the Safer Recruiting process.

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