Glossop Catholics

Parish census 2023

Time to update the records

A parish census gathers basic information that guides parish decision making and also builds a directory for the use of parish clergy and those entrusted with pastoral and administrative responsibilities. It also provides an electoral roll for occasions when there are so many nominations for a pastoral council that an election is required.

The last time a parish census took place in our Glossop parishes was in 2005, so we are overdue for another. The last census fully complied with the legislation that was in effect at that time to protect people’s privacy, but there have been improvements since then in laws to protect our data (for example, those tick boxes we are used to seeing to give permission — or not — for organisations to contact us by post, phone, text or email).

The 2023 census for the Glossop parishes was launched on 25th February 2023. Whether you arrived in the parish today, or you’ve been here ninety years, please complete it! There is a printable version, and there is an online version.

Please print a copy of the census form for any housebound parishioner you visit, if they don’t use the internet. You can also collect a printed copy from church. If the housebound person you visit does use the internet, please encourage them to visit this page.

The directory made from the 2005 census will soon be shredded, and to comply with data protection rules anyone who is on that list but who chooses not to fill in a 2023 census will cease to be a registered member of their parish. 

Here is a link to the online form. Below is a printable form for those who prefer to submit their response on paper.