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St Mary Crowned repairs

After five years of planning, the time has come to repair St Mary Crowned, and the church is now closed. Work is expected to last until Easter 2021.

While the church is closed, Holy Mass is celebrated at St Mary’s Hall, and Holy Mass continues to be celebrated at All Saints Catholic Church.

Please consider making a donation towards the repairs.

Work has begun to save St Mary’s

Update 26.5.2021: new photos added – scroll down to see them!

Update 29.4.2021 from the Glossop Parishes Maintenance Committee:

The work at St Mary’s is progressing well. A lot of the loose plaster has now been dealt with and most areas of the church have had the first coat of paint. The rewiring is almost completed. 

Water ingress at the Lady Chapel meant further pointing work was needed around  the bell tower, but this has been completed and the roofer can’t see any other issues.

The updates below appear with the most recent updates first.

Update 26.4.21: more photos added! Scroll down to see them.

Update 6.3.2021: scroll down for photos of the work in progress.

Update 5.2.2021 from the Glossop Parishes Maintenance Committee:

As you will be aware, the repairs and redecoration work is underway at St Mary’s. The scaffolding should be all erected by next week and work has started on the South Aisle. This involves removing the loose plaster, repairing any cracks etc and sampling the painting.

The project was initially scheduled to take thirty six weeks for this first phase although the contractors are optimistic that the work can be completed before that time.

We are in the process of getting quotes for the second phase of the project which will be the installation of toilet facilities and a cafe/social/meeting area.

We are not sure how much the second phase is going to cost at this stage but we are hoping that through fundraising and grants we will be able to complete this important second phase.

Please consider making a donation towards the repairs.

Fr Martin adds:

Thanks to the committee for their sterling work, and to all the generous parishioners who have enabled us to make a start.

I have learned that many people who may no longer live in Glossop nonetheless have strong family connections to St Mary Crowned. It would be right to offer those people an opportunity to contribute to the fundraising to pay for the work now in progress, and the work in prospect. If you know anyone who might fit that description, please ask them to visit this web page – – or

Updated 14.12.2020:

The information below first appeared in our parish newsletter

Good news! After five years of hard work and meticulous planning by the Glossop Parishes Maintenance Committee, and generous fundraising by parishioners, the plan that Fr Greg began five years ago to repair and improve the interior of St Mary Crowned is soon to turn into action.

Plans have been drawn up, tenders have been received, and the project has been approved by the Historic Churches Committee, who have granted a faculty for the work to begin.

It has been approved by the Diocesan Buildings and Sites Committee, and has gained permission from the Diocesan Trustees.

Since there is not enough money to do all the work at once, it will be done in two stages, and the first stage, of repairing and redecorating, may now begin as soon as the chosen contractors are ready to start.

Further news will follow later, but for now, let’s breathe a sigh of relief, thank God, and thank the people who have worked with such determination to save St Mary’s.

Please consider making a donation towards the repairs.

Please consider making a donation towards the repairs.