Glossop Catholics

Holy Mass for your intention

Sending your Mass offering online

Fr Martin continues to offer Holy Mass for your intentions. While you may continue to use Mass Intention envelopes, there is now, in response to the present circumstances, a method of requesting an intention from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. There are eight easy steps.

1. Visit
2. Enter the amount of Mass offering you wish to give.
3. Click or tap “Next”
4. Log in to your Paypal account, or click or tap “Sign up” to set up
a new Paypal account. If you are setting up a new account, go back to
step 1 when you are ready.
5. Click or tap “Add a note” and then type in your desired Mass
intention. For example, “Please offer Holy Mass for Arthur and Tessa
Sylvester RIP”
6. Do NOT tick the box that says “Paying for goods or a service” — we never ‘pay for’ Holy Mass, as the payment was made once and for all by Jesus on the Cross. We make a gift to support the priest for the day he offers Holy Mass for our intention.
7. Click or tap “Continue”
8. Check that everything looks right, then click or tap “Send money now”

You can also use this service to send a personal donation to Fr Martin, for example a contribution to the Easter Offerings.

This information first appeared in our parish newsletter.