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Grapevine 39 | News from Adult Formation, Justice & Peace and Caritas (20/01/22)

‘In you all find their home’
Psalm 87

Today the Church remembers Blessed Cyprian Tansi, a figure who represents the diversity of the Church in our own diocese.  Born in Nigeria in 1903 he eventually came to Mount St Bernard Abbey.  He died in Leicester Royal Infirmary in 1964 and was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1998.

Coming to a cold, and very white, Britain in the 1950s was truly a case of ‘laying aside all else’ for the Kingdom of God.  Our parishes now are far more diverse than in Cyprian’s time, but the journey takes no less courage and resourcefulness from those who make it.  Let’s make our parishes into places where everyone can find a home – where everyone can truly arrive.

At the six Here: Now: Us workshops at the end of last year, there was one ‘dream’ for our Church expressed with longing at every session.  You wanted our parishes be a place of fellowship between people of all ethnicities, truly a ‘house for all nations’.  The white participants among us acknowledged in particular that we have work to do.

Over the coming year you will be hearing more about our Caritas programme ‘A House for All Nations’, but in this issue of Grapevine we introduce you to the first project – listening to stories of climate change from around the world in our own parishes.

As we plan for the development of Caritas over the coming years, we also put out a call for anyone who could offer experience in fundraising to get in touch.  As you’ll see there are high ambitions – we just need the funds to attain them!  It would be great if you could arrange for the advert below to be included in your parish newsletter.

— Paul and Helen
for Caritas Diocese of Nottingham
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 In this issue
Local Lives, Global Stories – diaspora experiences of climate change
Caritas seeks a fundraising volunteer / freelancer
New Lenten campaign from Cafod
Christian Unity Week – 18th – 25th January
World Day of the Sick – 11th February

Local Lives, Global Stories
We’re thrilled to announce that CAFOD have agreed funding for a groundbreaking project in Nottingham Diocese. 

During 2022 we want to listen to the experiences of people from ‘diaspora’ communities in our parishes – those who have joined others from their homeland here in the UK to earn a living, support their families, and contribute to our economy. 

In particular over the next six months we’ll explore together the impact that climate change is having on on our fellow parishioners and their homelands, communities and families – and what we can do about it together. 
 We have all heard about the damage being inflicted by climate change overseas – for instance the devastation of parts of the Philippines by a typhoon over Christmas, and even again last week.  It is rich countries like the UK that are most responsible for this upsurge in extreme weather.

As part of our diocesan environmental strategy, we’ll explore with parishioners from diverse ethnic backgrounds how they can engage their parish and the wider world in climate justice and environmental action

We would like to make contact with parishioners from any ethnic background who would like to help with this project.  Perhaps you have come to the diocese from overseas yourself? 

Or perhaps your family has been here for generations, but you’d like to encourage people from your parish to get involved.  Either way, please get in touch with Caritas by emailing us on the link below.

Send us an email to find out more about how you can help

CAFOD’s grant enables us to engage the Nottingham Environmental Engagement Lab at the University of Nottingham to conduct this research.  If you came to our online Assembly last November you will have heard from two of the team at NEEL, Dr Charles Ogunbode and Rosie Brown.

NEEL will employ a Research Assistant, but it is up to us to find parishes and people who would like to take part.  
So please get in touch if you’re interested to know more.

Learn more about the Nottingham Environmental Engagement Lab on the video below from ‘A Change of Era’, our online Assembly on 20 November 202.  Jump forward to 37 minutes to hear their 20-minute presentation.
Get involved with Local Lives, Global Stories

Fundraising volunteer / freelancer sought

Over the next three years Caritas Diocese of Nottingham hopes to develop a number of projects that will require external funding. The growing cost-of-living crisis, ecological threats and social injustice are just some of the issues we can tackle if we have the means. Can you help us? 

Here’s a flavour of the plans we’re weighing up:
Helping parishes open ‘listening centres’, drop-ins and well-being sessions offering practical and emotional support through what Pope Francis calls ‘social friendship’.  We’d need to publish a toolkit and pay sessional organisers to work with parish volunteers
Affordable counselling services for the wider community.  As a diocese we are well-connected with qualified counsellors (and if you’re also one you’re welcome to get in touch with us).  With funding we could offer low-cost counselling to people who are experiencing stress but cannot afford market rates.
Developing environmental initiatives for our Pioneer Parishes scheme, perhaps with local schools, to reduce their carbon emissions, make space for nature and foster insect, animal and plant life
Promoting racial equality and inclusion through our parishes and in society as part of our ‘A House for All Nations’ programme.  Projects might include English conversation for non-native speakers, outreach with foodbanks to hard-to-reach groups, and a particular focus on empowering women.

If you have experience of applying to the Lottery or grant-making trusts we’d like to hear from you.  Initially we can’t promise remuneration.  However funders might be willing to pay for administration which would eventually make remuneration possible on a freelance basis. 

If you would like to help in any way – whether with fundraising or getting these plans off the ground, please do get in touch.
Click here to offer help

 After the amazing success of last year’s Walk For Water, we are continuing with our walking theme and this year it is ……….

Walk against Hunger
Our new Lent challenge is here!
Challenge yourself to walk 200k this Lent and help stamp out hunger, one step at a time.

You can walk, roll, skip or stroll your way to 200k. You can boldly go it alone and take it on 5k a day for 40 days, or you can smash the target all at once as a team. 

There are 200 million children in the world whose lives are at risk from malnutrition. So, this Lent, challenge yourself to conquer 200k, and help give hunger its marching orders. 

By Walking Against Hunger you’ll help communities thrive in even the most difficult environments.  Sign up using the link below to join people around England & Wales who will be taking part.  

Join as an individual, a team, a parish, a school!  
 To Sign Up or for more information, click here

Christian Unity Week 18th – 25th January

Food for thought

What is Christian unity?
To bring together people of the same aspirations for the growth of the church. 
To have wider fellowship among Christians.
To strengthen fellow Christians under persecution.
To work together in finding solutions to Christians common problems. 
What is the importance of unity?
Unity gives freedom. Unity helps us achieve our goals.
We all can work, but by working together we can win.
Individually we are like one drop but together in unity we are like ocean.
In this world you will meet different people, and everyone will know something that you don’t!
The church is based on five principles concerning:
God, Goodness, Thoughts, Prayer and Action.

February 11, 2022

“Dear brothers and sisters, to the intercession of Mary, Health of the Infirm, I entrust all the sick and their families.  United with Christ, who bears the pain of the world, may they find meaning, consolation and trust.  

I pray for healthcare workers everywhere, that, rich in mercy, they may offer patients, together with suitable care, their fraternal closeness”.
Click Here to see the Pope’s full Message

In the autumn of 1996 the Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales published a teaching document entitled The Common Good and the Catholic Church’s Social Teaching.  This aimed to help Catholics and others in the months leading to the May 1997 General Election.

To mark the twenty-fifth anniversary Saint Mary’s University is organising a study day on Wednesday 26th January.
More on the study day here

Grapevine is taking a short break until mid-February
We’ll see you soon.