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Grapevine 23 | News from Adult Formation, Justice & Peace and Caritas (27/04/21)

Join us to craft the Common Good
Booking opens today for ‘The Word and the Common Good’, a chance to meet others from around the Diocese and explore what Catholic Social Teaching could look like in practice, locally and globally, in the wake of Covid-19. 

It takes place on Monday evenings from 7 June, but you don’t have to attend every one.  Come as you are – nobody will be an expert.  Catholic Social Teaching is a toolkit of Gospel principles.  Each of us can work out its challenges in the unique context in which we live.  With Catholic Social Teaching, all of us can create something beautiful.  It makes craftspeople of us all.

Nor do you have to attend with others from your parish – though when you’ve been to one or two you may want to tell them about it.  We hope to run another round of the course in the Autumn, or you could run it yourself in your parish.

Paul (Programme Leader for Social Action)

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In this issue
From 7 June: The Word and the Common Good: booking now open
22 May: Pentecost prayer for the launch of Caritas2 June: ‘Open with Care’, our next Prepare the Future workshop
Parliament in your Parish: ask your MP to ‘build back better’ from Covid
We’re now taking bookings for our six-session programme ‘The Word and the Common Good’ starting on 7 June
Join Catholics from around the Diocese of Nottingham for an interactive online course over six Monday evenings in June and July.  Together we’ll:
discover how Scripture and Catholic Social Teaching can guide us to ‘build back better’ from the pandemic
build bridges and foster a new ‘culture of encounter’ following a year of social distancing
form new friendships, renew old ones, and help to build our parish communities for mission.

We’ll meet on Zoom, and spend time in small groups with people from our own parish or district.

The Word and the Common Good has been developed by the charity Together for the Common Good.  We’ll take the opportunity to introduce you to Lend an Ear, the diocesan listening campaign being launched by our new Caritas network.
Click here to book for ‘The Word and the Common Good’ starting on 7 June

A sample article for your parish bulletin
The Word and the Common Good:  You are invited to join Catholics from around the Diocese of Nottingham for an interactive online course over six Monday evenings in June and July.  As life starts afresh after lockdown, it’s a rare opportunity to sow seeds of the Gospel.
– Discover how Scripture and Catholic Social Teaching can help us seize this moment and build a society that reflects God’s Kingdom
– Build bridges following a year of social distancing and foster a new ‘culture of encounter
– ‘Form new friendships, renew old ones, and help to build our parish communities for mission
The sessions begin on Monday 7 June at 7.00 p.m. for six weeks.  To find out more:
Join an Open Evening on Monday 17 May
Or book your place today.

The Word and the Common Good is part of Here: Now: Usa wider programme to help your parish grow as a confident, outward-looking community, and invest in the leadership of lay people.  When Covid restrictions allow, this autumn or in 2022, our Caritas team can bring a Saturday workshop to your parish.  

If you’d like to find out more about Here: Now: Us and The Word and the Common Good before signing up, visit our website, or join an Open Evening at 7.00 pm on Monday 17 May.  Better still, encourage a few of your fellow parishioners to come too, and join up as a parish group.
Click here to book for the Open Evening on 17 May

This initiative comes at an exciting time for our diocese, as we listen afresh to the Gospel’s invitation to encounter Christ, grow as disciples, and step out in mission… Every parish that takes up the invitation of ‘Here: Now: Us’ won’t just make an impact at home; it will be joining the universal Church in making Christ’s love known on earth.”– Bishop Patrick McKinney

Kindle the fire
On the eve of Pentecost, 22 May 2021, you are invited to a special interactive online service to mark the launch of Caritas. Find out how you can help to grow the Church’s mission of justice and charity.
Click here to book for Pentecost prayer

Calling parish administrators, hall caretakers and clergy!
Wednesday 2 June 2021
3.30 – 5.00 p.m.

Open with Care
Resuming parish life in the ‘new normal’
In late June the government hopes to relax the restrictions that have prevented most parish activities taking place.  It will be the moment when many parish facilities and groups can start up again. 

Open with Care on 2 June will help you ensure that your church premises and the things that happen in it are as safe and healthy as possible, and fulfil the government guidance. 

We’ll be joined by Catherine Scholes from the diocesan property office.  Having guided us through lockdown, she’ll now be helping us make plans to re-open.
Book here for ‘Open with Care’

News from Justice & Peace

Parliament in your Parish
CAFOD are inviting Catholics to organise a virtual meeting with their local MP, to discuss how to rebuild from the pandemic in a way that tackles the major global issues of our time, including climate change and unjust foreign debts.

Six simple steps to organising a virtual meeting with your MP
1. Talk to your priest and let him know that you would like to organise a virtual meeting as part of CAFOD’s Reclaim Our Common Home campaign.
2. Once your Parish is happy ‘hosting’ the virtual meeting, note down a few potential dates and times.
3. .Find one or two other members of your parish to help organise the meeting. You can also ask friends or family members who might be able to help too. Anything between two to six people will be a good number to work on this project.
4. Email your MP’s office and invite them to the meeting. If you don’t get a reply in one week, send another email and follow up with a phone call. How to find your MP’s contact details.
5. Once your MP confirms the date and time, you will need to set up the digital meeting. You can use a platform such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet. Platforms like this will provide you with a link that you can share with everyone who is attending the meeting.
6. Spread the word! Promote the meeting through your parish’s website, newsletter and social media channels. Phone and email people you know locally and invite them. Don’t forget to let your local CAFOD Coordinator know the date too.
Find out more from CAFOD about Parliament in your Parish

The National Justice and Peace Network holds quarterly Networking Meetings, always on an interesting topic.  The next will explore the impact of lockdown on young people in our schools. 
Click below to book your place on Zoom.
Read the latest NJPN newsletter and sign up to more here

Sitting among the Ashes
Wednesday 12 – Friday 14 May, on Zoom
Training for anyone offering spiritual direction or pastoral care in the climate and ecological emergency. The prospects for the future are having, and will continue to have, an impact on many of us, our mind, emotions and spirits.  Those of us involved in spiritual direction or pastoral care need to process the effects for ourselves if we are to support those who share their own concerns with us.

This conference offers a way in.  It is led by Andii Bowsher, Co-ordinating Chaplain at the University of Northumbria, with Paul Bodenham (in a personal capacity).
Find out more about ‘Sitting among the Ashes

Give a Catholic charity a chance of £3,000
In the last edition of Grapevine we advertised for nominations for the virtual awards ceremony at the Catholic Charity Conference on Wednesday 5 May.  One of the projects being nominated is in our diocese: the Justice and Peace group at Blessed Sacrament and St Peter’s in Leicester.  If they’re shortlisted, they’ll be in for the ‘People’s Choice’ award, which means that the more people attending vote for them, the better their chances!
Book your place at the Catholic Charity Conference