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Grapevine 1 | News from Adult Formation, Justice & Peace and Caritas (7/5/20)

Welcome to Grapevine
In these strange times, it’s more important than ever to stay in touch.  That’s why we’re joining forces to bring you a regular newsletter which combines the best of the news from the Adult Formation Department and Justice & Peace Commission.  It’s the essential bulletin for missionary disciples in Nottingham Diocese.

Whilst we can’t meet in our parishes, or at deanery or diocesan events, we are still the Church.  We’ve chosen the name Grapevine because even if we’re socially-distanced, in Jesus the true vine we are still nourished by the same soil and ripened by the same sun.

This is our first edition, so we won’t be surprised if there are a few teething problems.  By the time the pandemic’s over, we may have got the hang of it, and may even carry on!  Please let us know how you find your first issue of Grapevine and what kinds of news you’re looking for, and we’ll endeavour to meet your needs.

God bless and stay safe,
Paul (Programme Leader for Social Action)
Diane (Adult Formation Administrator)

In this issue
Introducing the Nottingham Diocesan Internet Café
Networked Parishes: ideas for pastoral care
Caritas: join a webinar to develop parish social action
The God who Speaks: photo challenge
Mary’s month at Good Shepherd, Arnold

The Diocesan Internet Café
The Nottingham Diocesan Internet Café is a one-stop shop for you and your parish during the Covid-19 pandemic. Help your parish to thrive, and your own discipleship to flourish, during lockdown and beyond.

New items are being added to the menu all the time, but already you’ll find a wide range of advice and support:
Pastoral Care – Look after vulnerable parishioners, and yourself
Networked Parish – Socially distanced but still connected
Virtual volunteering – Offer your ICT and social media skills
Grow in the Gospel – Meet up, seek God, reach out
We are Caritas – Tend a wounded world with love and mercy
Here: Now: Us – grow lay co-leadership for missionary parishes
Stay connected – Sign up for news through lockdown and beyond
Ongoing offertory – Switch to standing Order

Networked Parishes
Parishes in our diocese are finding creative ways to care for the vulnerable and help parishioners keep in touch with each other – both online and offline.  We’ve collected some of them together in this four-page guide.  There is a wealth of ideas, including the sample illustrated above.  See what might work for your parish.  And if you are doing something others could try to let us know and we’ll pass it on.

Caritas – love and justice for a wounded world
Join a webinar on Monday 18 May at 2.00 p.m.

Nottingham Diocese is joining the worldwide Caritas network. Soon we’ll be part of one of the biggest humanitarian organisations in the world. Find out about plans for Caritas in Nottingham.

Our prospectus lays out six ‘ministries’ which we can help you develop in your parish, all of which will be ever more necessary after lockdown:
Building communities of missionary disciples
Environment and global responsibility
Poverty and dignityModern slavery and human trafficking
Refugees and asylum seekersTackling social isolation.

Want to find out more? Sign up for an interactive webinar on 18 May where you can help to shape Catholic social action in our parishes after the pandemic. It will take place on Zoom, but you can also join with a simple landline telephone.

The God Who Speaks
One initiative for The Year of The Word involves people taking a photograph of what they see from their window, door or on their walk and match it to a verse in the Bible. This is a great opportunity to reflect on the God Who Speaks in our everyday lives. Take a look around at the beauty and share it with us all. So, get that phone out and take a photo of what inspires you and send it to Diane, along with your Bible passage, your area and name (if it is to be published) for it to be uploaded onto the website for us all to view.

Cheryl Broodryk of Good Shepherd parish, Arnold, writes: 
In honour of Our Lady for her month of May, we have established a Prayer Tree in The Lady Chapel at the Good Shepherd Church. We are encouraging anyone who would like to post  or email their prayer requests.  They will be transcribed and hung upon the prayer tree on their behalf. It was chosen as a tremendous opportunity to constantly build and maintain the church community spirit that binds us altogether in the Divine family. Stay safe and God Bless.

What is your parish is doing for Mary’s month, or during lockdown? 
Contact us and we’ll showcase a selection here.